Top 10 Tips for Salary Negotiations
Date created: 18/06/2012
Negotiating a better salary package has put more than a few stomachs in knots over the years. Remember, we all go through it sooner or later. Keep these 10 basic tips in mind when it's your turn to ask for a sweeter deal... read more

20 Things not to do during an interview
Date created: 18/06/2012
If you are smartly presented, adhere to basic social etiquette and sensibly answer the interviewer's questions then you are well on your way to a new job. However there are some blunders to avoid:.. read more

Interview Hints and Tips
Date created: 18/06/2012
Congratulations you have reached the interview stage; you can deduce several things from this. Firstly that the company are interested in what you have to offer, they have read your CV and they have liked what they have seen. You will also have lost much of the competition, as only approximately 15% of applicants reach this stage. Having established that you have the fundamental qualifications for the job, you have to build upon this and impress the interviewers with your personality. The purpose of an interview is for the employer to meet you in person and evaluate whether your personality will fit into their company... read more

Writing your CV
Date created: 18/06/2012
The word Curriculum Vitae literally translated means the story of your life and, career wise, is probably one of most important documents that you will ever own. With it rest your hopes and dreams for the future - that next step up the career ladder, a better position, more money, new challenges, etc. Your CV therefore has to represent the best you have to offer... read more

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